Mark Lotz, Alan Purves


New music that sparkles with imagination and is free from conventions. Continuously balancing on the edge of discovery. Mark Lotz and Alan Purves are unique combination of two modernists who invent new sounds in music. In their quest for reinvention, traveling to unknown areas. Purves & Lotz reproduce themselves by telling the possibilities of sound, melody, rhythm and a story. They love to play with the emotions of the audience. They give the audience a hint of an emotion, but just to surprise them with another. They will be responsible for tears and laughter. Alan Gunga Purves Scottish drummer/percussionist Alan Purves is a prominent musician on the Amsterdam jazz scene, turning up in a variety of settings. Dreaming of playing drums but no money to afford them. Alan build his own instruments since his early childhood. Within the years Alan developed a personal vision on sound and rhythm, now proudly carrying one of the titles: Professor Of Squeakology. His setting contains next to various drums, tin whistles up in his nose, feet and mouth, rubber toys, as well as self made instruments like the Brim Bram. Alan played and recorded with numerous International and Dutch musicians such as: Ernst Reijseger, Mola Sylla, Palinckx Brothers, Corrie van Binsbergen, Sean Begin, Joe Williamson, Wolter Wierbos, Tobias Delius, John Zorn, Valentin Castrier, a Sardinean choir and next to many pop bands interacted with well knows Dutch writers as Ton Tellegen, Remko Kampert, Kees van Kooten. Alan recorded numerous CD as sideman and recorded three solo CDs for a deaf theater group. He also participated in many theater and dance productions makes music for Werner Herzog & tours the world over. Mark Alban Lotz Raised in Thailand, Uganda and Germany his appetite for musical adventures takes him all over the globe. Acclaimed as much for his restless creativity as for his breathtaking virtuosity. Subject of many international publications, nominated for the Edison & Beyond Magazine prize and prize-winner. His cutting-edge solo work, interpretations of Afro Cuban Folklore, Pygmee Bop or free improvised music recordings with Islak Köpek (the wet dogs from Istanbul) gained much international attention. Worked/recorded a.o. with Chris Potter Tentet, Miguel 'Anga' Diaz, David Tronzo, soloists of the Conjunto Folklorico National de Cuba, Indian Underground star Najma Akthar, Zuco 103, the Nightingale of Tibet Namgyal Llhamo, electronic music pioneer Bob Ostertag, Han Bennink, Don Byron. As leader released 17 CDs, as sideman featured on more than 50 releases.



Mark Alban Lotz - flutes, fx

Alan Gunga Purves - percussion, toys