D.D.Drag's Band


This trio, which consists of Philippe Dragonetti on guitar, Renato Di Paolo on bass and Gianni Di Paolo on drums, was formed in 2009. The three musicians live in Geneva, Switzerland. They have just recorded their second album, Cat's Step. Their music is characterised by a wide range of different musical styles, from jazz to funk, blues and latino. All compositions are by Philippe Dragonetti but arranged by the group. The fluid melodic lines on the guitar and bass are carried by the upbeat groove of the drums. Recorded in two days, the album keeps the spontaneity of jazz with the precision of pieces finely constructed. Winner at the International Festival Guitare en Scène in 2015, the group regularly performs in the French-speaking part of Switzerland and in France.



Philippe Dragonetti: e-guitars

Renato Di Paolo - Bass

Gianni Di Paolo - Drums

Philippe Dragonetti - Guitar