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Postharmonic Orchestra


As a follow up project of the band Jantos Holding the octet Jantos Oktaeder is the new project of band leader Jan-Andrea Bard. After coming together in 2016 the band found a unique sound very fast and played first concerts in March 2017. In Mai the band went to a two days studio session in Sandhausen, Germany, where ten pieces have been recorded. The CD Post-harmonic orchestra will appear in November 2017 on Unit Records. Leader / Piano: Jan-Andrea Bard In 2012 Jan-Andrea Bard, born 1981, finished his master in jazz in Basel. There he has built his band Jantos Holding, the first album appeared on Unit Records in 2015. Jan-Andreas way of approaching music has been influenced by many excellent teachers like Lester Menezes, Hans Feigenwinter, Adrien Mears, Bänz Oeschter, Malcolm Braff. In masterclasses he could benefit of the inputs from internationally known musicians like Jorge Rossy, Wolfgang Muthspiel, Dave Liebman, Esperanza Spalding, Larry Grenadier, Aaron Goldberg and Eric Harland. In 2010 he could play in a students project with South African electric bass player Carlo Mombelli. In 2012 he was part of a students project with South African trumpet player Marcus Wyatt. In 2016 he could play a concert as a substitute in South African trumpet player Feya Fakus quintet. Trumpet / Flügelhorn: Jonas Winterhalter With the age of 15 Jonas first teacher in jazz was American trumpet player Gary Barone. In the last episode of his school time he played in 5 big-bands in the Freiburg area in Germany. During his studies at the Jazz-school Basel his teachers were Matthieu Michel, Bert Joris and Adrian Mears. In the years 2008 and 2009 he could play in an all-star-project of swiss jazz schools. These projects were conducted by Alexander von Schlippenbach and Guillermo Klein. Since having finished his master in jazz in 2012 hes working as freelance musician, conductor, composer and teacher. Hes leading his Jonas-Winterhalter-Bigband and plays in several other projects like Jantos Oktaeder, Lars-Lindvall-Big-Band, Neighborhood, Sarah-Chaksad-Orchestra and Funkreich. He has been part of several CD productions and concerts with different bands have lead him (besides Germany and Switzerland) to France, Luxembourg, Greece and China. Alto-saxophone: Jonas Labhart After studying Saxophone performance and pedagogy at Berklee College of Music and HMT Zurich, Jonas moved to New York to study Jazz Composition with Jim McNeely and Rich DeRosa. During his three year long stay he not only obtained a Masters of Music in Jazz Composition but was also a member of the BMI Jazz Composers Workshop and conducted his piece's world premiere for Big Band at Merkin Hall. Back in Zurich he studied classical music theory at ZHdK. Jonas lives in Zurich and performs in Switzerland, Europe and Japan with "Désonic (with David Potaux-Razel, Stéphane Cochet and Eric Groleau), "Nocturne Saxophone Quartet (with Sandra Weiss, Tobias Meier and Christoph Irniger), "Swanky Mothers (with Beat Gisler and Marius Peyer), and changing ensembles. As a composer his work ranges from jazz arrangements for orchestra to contemporary classical works for quarter-tone trumpet. He teaches saxophone and music theory at the Zurich University of the Arts ZHdK and the Musikschule Zürcher Oberland. As a member of the board and president of WIM (Werkstatt für Improvisierte Musik Zürich), he helps to organize weekly concerts of improvised music Tenor- / Soprano-saxophone: Sebastian von Keler Sebastian studied jazz saxophone with Tom Timmler (Freiburg, Germany), Domenic Landolf (Basel) and Lutz Häfner (Bern). He finished his studies in 2014 at the university of music in Basel. He had the chance to play concerts with internationally musicians like Mark Turner, Randy Brecker, Guillermo Klein, Bob Mintzer, Nils Wogram, Mike Svoboda. Further he played with the philharmonic orchestra Freiburg. In addition to his engagement in the band Jantos Oktaeder he is a member of the group Jantos Holding, leads his own quintet Tonhaufen Deluxe and plays in the groups Monoglott, Hagen Neyes Tree, Keler,/Neye/Schwinning and in the Jonas Winterhalter Bigband. Trombone: Lou Lecaudey Lou was born in 1990 in Bourg en Bress, France. During ten years he studied jazz trombone with Gilles Farinone at the jazz departement in Bourg en Bresse. Afterwards he studied three years with trumpet player Pierre Lafrenaye and with violinist Remi Crambes. Lecaudey played in several french bands both as a soloist and as a section player. He began teaching jazz improvisation and led workshops for children. At the age of 21 Lou moved to Basel, where he studied with Australian trombone player Adrian Mears and where he played in many groups in Germany and Switzerland. He composes for varying projects like jazz bands, choir and trombone-ensembles. After leading his own quartet during a year where he stayed in Berlin, he moved to Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany. Playing many gigs as a side man he leads his new quartet Double Moon. Bass-trombone: Lucas Wirz In 2007 Lucas Wirz began his studies at the university of music in Basel. During this time he studied with internationally known musicians like Adrian Mears, Jorge Rossy, Guillermo Klein, Larry Grenadier and Malcolm Braff. Besides playing tenor trombone he also learned to play bass trombone, tuba, piano and drums. For the masters, studying with Adrian Mears, he switched completely to playing bass trombone and investigated much about improvisational techniques for this rather unknown solo instrument. In 2012 Lucas finished his master of arts in music. Now hes playing in more than ten bands (amongst others with Jantos Oktaeder, Jantos Holding, in the Lucerne Jazz Orchestra and in the Swiss Army Big Band). Bass-guitarre: Marc Mezgolits Marc Mezgolits, born in 1990 in Vienna, records his first professional studio album at the age of 16 - only two years after beginning to play bass guitar aged 14. Learning auto didactically during the first three years hes taking privat lessons at the age of 17, then in 2010 beginning his bachelor in jazz-bass at the conservatory of Vienna (privat university) in the class of Uli Langenthaler. The young e-bass-player is playing with Andy Middleton, Hans Feigenwinter, Adrian Mears, Jonas Burgwinkel and with the European Jazz Orchestra. He successfully participated in competitions with varying formations (for example the Publikumspreis des Fideliowettbewerbs of the conservatory of Vienna in 2012 with the band Electric Echo: In and Out of Order) Mezgolits finished his masters summa cum laude in 2016 at the university of music in Basel where he studied with André Buser and Wolfgang Muthspiel. Drums: Florian Krause Florian Krause, born in 1987, grew up in northern Germany in Vechta. Aged 13 he won the first price in the competition Jugend musiziert. In 2007 he begins his studies at the university of music in Basel. His teachers are Julio Barreto, Jorge Rossy an Malcolm Braff. The latter introduced him to the broad world of polyrhythmic that now constitutes the core of Florians approach to music. In 2012 he finished his Master of Music Education. One year later his first CD Of Bricks and Fades appears with his group Florian Krause Quartett. Besides his teaching of drums and marimba hes playing in several bands, composes for his own project and plays regularly in Switzerland and Germany. His playing uniquely combines careful interaction with a broad variety of sounds. His musical idols are very divers and reach from John Coltrane and The Police to Sammy Deluxe.



Jonas Winterhalter - Trumpet / Flügelhorn - trumpet, flugelhorn

Sebastian von Keler - Tenorsax / Sopransax - tenor- / sopranosaxophone

Lou Lecaudey - Trombone - trombone

Lucas Wirz - Basstrombone - basstrombone

Janto - piano, rhodes, vocals

Florian Krause - Drums - drums

Wolfgang Puschnig - altsax

Raphael Preuschl - e-bass