Initialzündung (Initial Ignition) The name is program; the spirit of an igniting idea; Drums, Strings, Keys; The result: Zünds Jazz Trio; That rocks! Unapologetic, original, without compromises, wild, and energetic; On the other hand meditative, melancholic, sinister, and fragile; All components of a music that demands to be heard. For Christian Zünd a dream come true: To be an architect of musical forms, a builder of rhythmic structures, a painter of picturesque melodies. With authenticity and instinct: purely Zünd! A Trio encompassing Christian Zünd, Pirmin Schädler and Dominik Eberle that forms one explosive Live Band whose roots not only originate in jazz music. Rather, the musical background of the group equally relates to the Rock of the 90s, the Funk of the 70s, as well as the Punk and Crossover music of the new Millennium. The Trio cares little about categorizations. Honesty is what matters..



Christian Zünd - drums

Dominik Eberle - guitars

Pirmin Schädler - rhodes, organ




live @ Linde in Berschis CH