Franco Ambrosetti


I met Massimo Nunzi the first time more than 15 years ago when a leading Italian Newspaper, La Repubblica, asked him to interview some of the most active musicians performing in Italy during the Eighties and Nineties. The invitation by top pianist Antonio Faraò as artistic Director to participate at the Sanremo jazz Festival as soloist (in 2016) with the Sanremo Symphony Orchestra - arranged and conducted by Massimo Nunzi - came as a perfect opportunity to transform in reality a creative and innovative common project. The result was a success! But all that work, including a week for rehearsals resulting in a single performance was a pity, therefor Massimo and I agreed to record the project and issue an album. Thanks to Antonio Faraò who offered to us the opportunity to unify classical musicians and jazz soloists in this innovative adventure, we went to the recording studio and this is the result. Unit, a swiss label, proved to be brave enough to bring it to the market.



Franco Ambrosetti - fluegelhorn, trumpet

Gianluca Ambrosetti - soprano sax

Domenico Sanna - piano-keyboard

Luca Fattorini - double bass

Marco Valeri - drums