Günter Wehinger, Karin Nakagawa, Urs Wiesner, André Buser


The flutist and composer Günter Wehinger has given some compositions by Claude Debussy a fascinatingly exotic sound. With flute, vibraphone, e-bass and koto (traditional Japanese string instrument), classics such as Clair de lune or L'après-midi d'un faune sound refreshingly new. Composition and improvisation merge into a harmonious whole. Wehinger and his co-musicians were not about "jazzing-up" Debussy. With the utmost respect for Debussy's work, the impressionistic sound is preserved in the improvisations, sometimes the musicians also improvise only with motifs of the composition. The program is complemented by compositions by Erik Satie, André Buser and Günter Wehinger.



Günter Wehinger - flute, alto flute

Karin Nakagawa - 25-string koto

Urs Wiesner - vibes

André Buser - e-bass