Dimitri Monstein Ensemble


Classical Music and Jazz - When these genres encounter, they have the potential to build a highly emotional and sophisticated alliance. At a first glance, the two musical spheres, with their unique and individual structures, could appear as opposing, however, when listening closely, they are a fruitful complement and in subtle accordance. Combining jazz and classical music, requires an artist with distinctive intuition, who feels connected to both spheres not only technically but also emotionally. As a roamer in and between both worlds, the Swiss visionary drummer Dimitri Monstein, combines the genres that were most shaping his artistic path. On his Debut-Record Landscape the listener may become a witness. The seeming boundaries of the genres blur and dissolve, elements of jazz and classical music meet and fuse. The drum set, which although it has lead role in the performance as a solo instrument, also appears as a supportive link between the members of the Dimitri Monstein Ensemble, which was formed in 2016. The instrumentation is a mirroring element in this fusing melting pot, including chimes, marimba, bass, piano, synths, a string quartet and finally the drums. This arrangement of instruments interact in Monsteins unique compositions, creating musical spheres, whose richness in imagery and evoking associations are a reminiscence of film music. The music stands out due to its impressive change of repetitive elements, catchy melodies, intense musical moments, unique sound figures, diverse meters and the tension between fragile, quiet passages and moving, energizing grooves. Hence these outstanding qualities, the ensemble invites the listener into a musical landscape, in which one may wander to yearning wide and open spaces and far-away dreamlands, however, upon which one is surprisingly always brought back to the here and now. In his early stages of childhood, Dimitri Monstein was already taught classical drumming, he was a member of several youth symphony orchestras and shared stages with stars like Andrea Bocelli. His immense passion for jazz he has shared ever since his music studies in Zürich and Freiburg with bands such as Swiss Army Big Band, Zurich Jazz Orchestra, Swiss Jazz Orchestra und Nicole Johänntgen. The young and engaged artist from Switzerland is one of the few in his generation, that finds a home in classical music, jazz and the pop scene alike.



Dimitri Monstein - drums

Alexandra Radici - violine

Vlad Pescaru - violine

Gina Corti - viola

Jonas Willimann - cello

Robert Pachaly - bass, marimba

Mischa Podstransky - piano

Anton Vilkhov - viola