Jonas Imhof


'Exquisicion - Oru Seco' is a solo work by drummer Jonas Imhof. It thematizes the Afro-Cuban drum suite 'Ort Seco', which can be heard for the first time on the drumset. Imhof has repeatedly dealt with African music and polymetry in various projects. From these studies the idea arose to create a solo work that combines flow and polymetry and that lets drums sound in their original form in ritual trance music. The ritual drum suite 'Ort Seco' is the first of the two important 'rhythm suites' of the Bata drums, which contains 23 standard rhythms for all Orisha, the gods in the Yoruba religion. Batá drums have a long history. The drum, which originally emigrated from Africa to Cuba, has also been heard in world music since the seventies. In traditional Cuban music there are three double-headed drums, each with its own voice, which are accompanied by the clave typical of African music. The challenge was to bring these four voices onto the drumset. The result is a work in which for the first time a whole drum ritual solo can be heard on the drumset.



Jonas Imhof - drums