Moeckel Schürmann Quartet


Thomas Moeckel and Dominik Schürmann both come from Basel and have played together for many years in a variety of formations, from duos to big bands. A few years ago, the young musicians Yuri Storione on piano and Marton Juhasz on drums made their way to Basel via the Basel Jazzcampus. Yuri comes from Italy, Marton from Hungary. With these new additions, Thomas and Dominik have found the ideal complement to complete their quartet. They all share the same preferences: strong melodies, sophisticated harmonies and a solid groove. The quartet mainly plays its own compositions, but also selected standards from the Great American Songbook. Everything is getting faster, bigger and better. And we are in the middle of it. Music is also affected, and its stylistic variants are evolving in giant steps. "Giant Steps" is the title of a composition by John Coltrane that was ahead of its time: Free improvisation on an unconventional, somewhat difficult harmony sequence. We musicians were right in the middle of it. Now we would like to counter this ever-present «Giant Steps» trend. "Dwarf Steps" is the solution and here we are, right in the middle of it again. Thomas Moeckel



Thomas Moeckel - trumpet, guitar, vocals

Yuri Storione - piano

Dominik Schürmann - doublebass

Marton Juhasz - drums



Moeckel Schürmann Quartet

live @ Bird's Eye in Basel CH