Paul Schwingen


Driving grooves, colorful harmonies and sensitive melodic passages are essential elements of the nine movements of the PLEJADEN*SUITE. Conceptually, the work is based on the constellation of the Pleiades and the legends of Greek mythology that refer to the different stars of this constellation. Each movement is dedicated to one of the stars, and behind each star stands a - mostly feminine - mythical figure, to whom a certain character and destiny is attributed. The programmatic composition of Austrian trumpeter and flugelhorn player Paul Schwingen, successor to Miles Davis in the Gil Evans Orchestra, was commissioned by the Viennese producer Ronnie Rocket. Composer Schwingen draws from a wealth of knowledge and experience. Having started as a jazz trumpeter of a high school big band in the America of the 1970s, today he positions himself between freely improvised sound experiments, psychedelic rock and modern jazz. He worked with jazz stars from the USA and legendary jazzers of the GDR, with colleagues from blues, funk and soul, but also with musicians from Africa, India and Russia. Concert tours have taken him around the world to places like Hong Kong, Tashkent, Bangalore, Cairo, and New York. His enthusiasm for the musical exploration of the new and the unfamiliar permeates his development and his works. For the realization of the PLEJADEN*SUITE Schwingen has gained long-time musical companions, who have impressive musical careers to show, as well: Kubi Kubach on double bass, Denis Stilke on drums and Antonis Anissegos on Fender Rhodes. Like Schwingen, pianist Antonis Anissegos is a stylistically open musician who masters all kinds of jazz from modern jazz to free improvisation and also is a composer; his works of contemporary music were performed throughout Europe by renowned ensembles and won numerous prizes. Bassist Kubi Kubach, founding member of the legendary group "Bajazzo", enjoys a good reputation as a rhythmically excellent accompanist, but is also highly appreciated for his melodic ideas and virtuoso technique. He toured all over Europe and several African countries like Sudan and Libya. Denis Stilke studied drums in Berlin and at the "Berklee College of Music" in Boston. The versatile musician has participated in over 25 productions of very diverse styles, including metal, ambient, musical, world music and jazz.



Paul Schwingen - trumpet, flugelhorn

Kubi Kubach - double bass

Antonis Anissegos - fender rhodes

Denis Stilke - drums

Ronnie Rocket - vocals



Paul Schwingen

live @ ZigZag Jazz Club Café in Berlin DE