Urban Voyage

by Pol Belardi's Urban Voyage


Mara Minjoli : voc

Natanael Ramos Garcia : tp

Itai Weissman : ts

Efe Erdem : tb

Fernando Sanchez : bar.s

Eran Har Even : gt

Loran Witteveen : p

Jérôme Klein : synth, perc

Pit Dahm : vib, perc

Jeroen Batterink : d

Pol Belardi : b

Bela Horvat, Sara Kalinowska : Violin

Tom Moonen : Viola

Virginia Wolleswinkel : Viola

Veit Steinmann : Cello

Mirjam Rietberg : Harp

album info

Let us take you for a ride! Pol Belardi's Urban Voyage stands for border-crossing music which couldn't be more diverse, played by an 11-piece band consisting of outstanding young performers that, despite their strong individual personnalities, have succeeded in developing a coherent and compact group dynamic. With lots of finesse, the young award-winning Luxembourgish multi-instrumentalist and composer Pol Belardi takes you on a journey through a variety of styles, which could be regrouped under the term of "urban music". Just like the immense diversity of sense-triggering stimuli of all kinds ever-present in metropolitan life, the band's eclectic repertory draws as much from electronic styles like hip-hop and r'n'b as from jazz tradition, flirting at times with impressionistic music, and evolves alternatively within subtle arrangements and through improvised parts. Yet, the result never sounds arbitrary, every piece presents a clear statement and forms, together with the other compositions, a dynamic set full of suspense and energy.

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Sun / Pol Belardi


Dancing with the Moon / Pol Belardi


At the Control Station (of a Pentagonal Space Vessel) / Pol Belardi


Autumn / Pol Belardi


Intro / Pol Belardi


Urban Voyage Suite Pt. 1 / Pol Belardi


Urban Voyage Suite Pt. 2 / Pol Belardi


Interlude / Pol Belardi


Urban Voyage Suite Pt. 3 / Pol Belardi


Urban Voyage Suite Pt. 4 / Pol Belardi