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Musique Nucléaire  
Artist: Hervé Provini-Jacques Demierre
Album: Musique Nucléaire
Katalog Nr: UTR 4125
Releasedatum: 01.08.2000
Albumdauer: 65:12
Line-Up: Jacques Demierre âEUR" Piano and master midi-keyboard
Hervé Provini âEUR" Drums and computer
Credits: All compositions by Hervé Provini
All arrangements by Hervé Provini and Jacques Demierre
Liner Notes: It is by improvising that the two musicians (drums and piano) interact directly with the computer. Since this computer directs the acoustic piano-midi, it becomes truly the third musician! The music played by this computer is written in the form of partitions of orders: a series of compositions âEUR" emitted freely by the drummer âEUR" where different musical processes constructed in time modify the parameters of the sound. In the beginning, the pianist, by means of a clavier-midi feeds improvised music into the computer which the public cannot hear. The written partitions and their different actions react to this sound and propose in turn, by audible means this time, music of which the form is the result of meticulous and varied work. The musicians react freely to the computer's proposal and a movement of musical construction in actual time begins. The ideas of improvisation and a form are constantly questioned and modified, since even the completed written partitions may be changed by the pianist who inserts "live", new improvised musical material. Thus, this is indeed music by three voices: the two musicians propose a musical form, the computer breaks it down and the recomposes it to propose in a better way again to the musicians who cannot stop themselves from being sucked into this devilish tress!
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