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Hot Beans  
artist: Arcadius Didavi Quartet
album: Hot Beans
reference: UTR 4779
release date: 18.08.2017
running time: 54:52
line-up: Arcadius Didavi - bass, vocals, tanikka, double kalimba
Vladimir Karparov - saxophone, vocals
Kelvin Sholar - piano
Dimitris Christides - drums, gogba

credits: All compositions by Arcadius Didavi
• Produced by Arcadius Didavi
• Recorded live at Werkstatt der Kulturen, Berlin, by Daniel Dobrodinsky 02.10.2015
• Mixed and mastered by Christoph Schlimbach

• Special thanks to Dimitris Chritides, Kelvin Sholar, Vladimir Karparov, Daniel Dobrodinsky, Christoph Schlimbach, Heribert Kipfer, Pavel Zemskov, Thabo Thindi and Hans Kipfer.

• Contact: Arcadius Didavi, Derfflingerstr. 17, 10785 Berlin, info@didavi.de

liner notes: Arcadius Didavi, composer, bass player and singer, is known for his fascinating art of weaving together traditional music from Benin with modern jazz. African polyrhythms emerge from the interplay of various percussionists. Didavi applies this principle to his compositions: Every musician is given a different rhythmic pattern within the same meter, combining the resulting crossrhythmic texture with jazz harmonies. Didavi’s creativity seems to have no limits: Apart from playing electric bass guitar with great virtuosity and groove, he also plays Tanikka, Double Kalimba and Gogba, which he adapted to achieve nuanced refreshing sounds. His charming way to involve the audience, his poetic use of dramatic elements and African proverbs, as well as his heartful voice create a captivating ambiance. With his distinct cultural fusions Didavi stands in the tradition of Randy Weston, Joe Zawinul and Ali Farka Touré.

links: www.didavi.de
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